automobile repair market development

automobile repair market development

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On the trend of automobile repair market development in China

On the trend of automobile repair market development in China

Keywords: Automobile repair market; Development trend

Abstract. Along with the economic development of China, now people's material life level has beeneffectively enhanced. The high -end consumption car in the past has entered ordinary families. In the process of people enjoying the convenience brought by cars, broad prospects also have been brought to corresponding automobile repair market. In this context, this paper first analyzes the market background, and then from several aspects studies our country automobile repair market development trend. The analysis can provide a certain direction for our country automobile repair market guidance and reference.


After entering the 21st century, as a new developed automobile production and consumption power, our country’s automobile service market faces both opportunities and challenges. Automobile repair market is an extremely important part of automobile service market. From the related data, if a car has $1 consumption on the road, the corresponding related services will reach $8. Foreign technology, capital, and the corresponding management concept and advanced production man agement have aggravated our country’s automobile service market competition. In view of the current opportunities and challenges, in -depth analysis of the current development trend of automobile repair market in our country has particularly important practical significance to the development of related enterprise strategies.

Analysis on the Background of Our Country’S Automobile Service Market

A. Car ownership has maintained a sustained growth momentum.

Car ownership in China at the end of 2013, according to incomplete statistics, reached 137 million, which increased by 13.7% than last year. As you can see, our country’s car ownership has maintained a rapid development momentum. Its reason is mainly because 2013 China's urban residents per capita disposable income reached 26955 Yuan, which made our country's households have stronger family car purchase intention. On the other hand, China's auto imports tariff cut for years, which makes the price of cars in our country also show a tendency of general decline. In addition, our country released automobile industry development support policies, which greatly improved automobile consumption environment. In order to make car have good running status and features so as to extend car service life, automobile repair industry with service properties has unprecedented development space with China’s car ownership maintaining a sustained growth situation.

B. Automobile repair object owns higher level of science and technology.

After so many years of automobile industry development, current cars are made up with sensors and computers. The corresponding reliability, economy, comfort, safety, performance and so on are all under intelligent control with effective combines of high technological integrations such as new material technology, hydraulic servo drive technology, electronic technology, digital communication technology, optical fiber transmission technology, and computer network control technology. For example, in luxury cars, more than half of vehicle cost is on electronic products. Electronic gasoline injection system, electronic brake-force distribution system technology, drive torque, electronic anti-lock braking control system, electronic control automatic transmission and fault self- diagnosis system technology are widely

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