How to find the good quality frame machine?

How to find the good quality frame machine?

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How to find the good quality frame machine

AUTENF company is the good manufacturer of auto body frame machine with nearly 20years experience in China.


1. tiltable I-beam platform allows easy drive on and off of any vehicle;
AUTENF clamps anchor most vehicles rock-solid;
3. combination of overhead puller and common puller enlarges pulling power and repair scope;
4. dead car dolly and wheel stand helps to load vehicles with damaged wheels onto platform easily;
5. air pump and electric pump is optional at your choice;
6. hydraulic system has large pulling capacity, long lifespan and low malfunction;
7. with high strength pulling accessories, it can recover any car distortion;

Auto body frame machine is used for alignment car body,body alignment is the process which recover damaged part of the car by collision to when out of factory car. It will connect with the funtionand lifespan after repaired.So it is one knowledge how to choose frame machine.
1.Main Clamp will located and fastening the car quickly
2.round type hydraulic pulling tower is 360degree working , freedomly. oil pump  vertical working,without any component of consumption , powerful,correctly.
3.Hydraulic system,powerful,long lifespan ,lower failture rate.
4.Unniversal measuring system could do 3D positioning measurement, using conveniently, Precisionly.
5.With Latest data manual for every car series.
6.Highly strong pulling tools.
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