ATU-MC manganese steel car bench

ATU-MC manganese steel car bench

AUTENF Auto Collision Repair System




 Power unit


 Platform material

 manganese steel

 Platform size

 customized*2200 mm

 Platform ring width

 610 mm

 Platform working height

 550 mm

 Lifting capacity

 3500 KG

 Pulling tower quantity

 3 pc

 Pulling power

 10 tons/98 KN

 Pulling range

 360 degree

 Hydraulic pressure

 70 Mpa

 Pneumatic pressure

 0.8 Mpa

 Gross weight

 according to length


1. Tiltable manganese steel platform allows easy drive on and off of any vehicle;
2. Thick manganese steel platform, the whole platform is made up of large CNC cutting equipment processing, highly flatness, strong strength, no blind area of working stretch;
3. Combination type of pulling tower, strong and effective, all-round repair body and car roof and so on;
4. Adopting import highly quality hydraulic pump, powerful, low failure rate (electric box optional);
5. Hydraulic system has large pulling capacity, long lifespan and low malfunction;
6. With high strength pulling accessories, it can recover any car distortion;

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