ATV-MS car bench

ATV-MS car bench

Recommend for large-scale garage


Specification Standard Type Extended Type
platform length 5600 mm 6000 mm
platform width 2100 mm 2200 mm
platform height 300-800 mm 300-800 mm
pulling power 10 tons/98 KN 10 tons/98 KN
pulling range 360 degree 360 degree
hydraulic pressure 40 Mpa 40 Mpa
pneumatic pressure 0.8 Mpa 0.8 Mpa
lifting capacity 3500 kg 3500 kg
lifting type parallel lifting type parallel lifting type
weight 3000 kg 3200 kg


1. electric-hydraulic controlled car bench, it is more convenient and easier to operate;
2. parallel 
manganese steel platform, with 4 groups joint (one joint per group) at side of the bench;
AUTENF clamps anchor most vehicles rock-solid;
4. combination of overhead puller and common puller enlarges pulling power and repair scope;
5. dead car dolly and wheel stand helps to load vehicles with damaged wheels onto platform easily;
6. hydraulic system has large pulling capacity, long lifespan and low malfunction;
7. with high strength pulling accessories, it can recover any car distortion;

Keywords: chassis straighten bench,autobody alignment system