ATU-EI I-beam car bench

ATU-EI I-beam car bench

auto frame repair machine




 Power unit


 Platform material


 Platform size

 5600*2100 mm

 Platform ring width

 600 mm

 Platform working height

 550 mm

 Lifting capacity

 3500 KG

 Pulling tower quantity

 3 pc

 Pulling power

 10 tons/98 KN

 Pulling range

 360 degree

 Hydraulic pressure

 70 Mpa

 Pneumatic pressure

 0.8 Mpa

 Gross weight

 2300 kg


1. Tiltable 14# I-beam platform allows easy drive on and off of any vehicle;
2. Adopting manganese steel welding, fixed pulling tower conveniently, stretching at arbitrary angles, reducing workloard, improving efficiency;
3. Combination type of pulling tower, strong and effective, all-round repair body and car roof and so on;
4. Adopting import highly quality hydraulic pump, powerful, low failure rate (electric box optional);
5. Hydraulic system has large pulling capacity, long lifespan and low malfunction;
6. With high strength pulling accessories, it can recover any car distortion;

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